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Introducing the

Cyber Maturity Builder™

Use this platform to train and assess cybersecurity skills, while improving cyber maturity in organizations of any size.

This training platform offers a full range of IT security challenges for participants in office or remote.

The Cyber Maturity Builder™ is brought to you by GRIMM and VMware.

What It Is

  • A virtual classroom environment providing state-of-the-art cyber training in a Capture-the-Flag educational format
  • Effective adversarial/defensive mindset training on tools and techniques for security and infrastructure teams facing real-world evasive attackers
  • Genuine evaluation and assessment of various cybersecurity skill levels — useful for individuals, large teams, live cyber “competitions”, and team-building exercises

How It Helps

  • Reduces the need to create and manage a “cyber range” infrastructure to test and train skills at this level
  • Removes the major infrastructure hosting obstacle: creating and managing a “cyber range” infrastructure, as the Cyber Maturity Builder is built on the VMware Digital Learning Platform™

What It Provides

  • Improved capability to develop, test, and enhance skills through robust individual/team training in over 9 skill levels
  • Capability to test identification and response through actual exercises, demonstrating overall effectiveness
  • Reduced operational costs for cybersecurity protection training through one environment

Lay Down The

Training Framework

Identify the skill level needed

Find the Right Package

Choose the appropriate content from GRIMM’s Cyber Maturity Builder™.



Easy to solve introductions to the security concepts.

Skills needed

  • Ability to use off-the-shelf scanners
  • Ability to use existing proof-of-concept code. Basic code knowledge (e.g., Metasploit, Google)


Deeper dive into basic concepts, and introduction of more complex vulnerability classes.

Skills needed

  • Deep understanding of off-the-shelf scanners
  • Ability to modify proof-of-concept code. Basic code knowledge (e.g., Metasploit, Google)


Complex analysis and development addressing advanced vulnerability classes.

Skills needed

  • Knowledge of networks, systems and code
  • Ability to work beyond off-the-shelf scanners
  • Ability to analyze problems and develop code to solve

Answer the Important Questions

A cyber range provides real-world automation in a fully simulated practice environment, allowing the use of defensive tools and techniques in a safe place. These tools are required by the best cyber defenders facing real-world evasive attackers, and many organizations use a cyber range for skill development through cutting-edge exercise-type environments based on current, real- world evasive attacks.
  • Cyber Maturity Builder™ provides access to an advanced infrastructure to develop a measurable increase in cyber readiness/resilience
  • Cyber Maturity Builder™ also provides real-world automation, tools/techniques, and skill development for identifying and mitigating threats to the organization
  • Cyber Maturity Builder™ helps build security skills and maturity through real world situations
  • Cyber Maturity Builder™ helps assess current skills at various levels, from individual to teams
  • Cyber Maturity Builder™ provides a safe exercise-type environment to learn and not break anything
    • Cyber Maturity Builder™ offers three types of training options:
    • Individual Learning: Owning the content allows the ability to train people at no additional cost per person or skill level -- train anyone who can use a computer
    • Individual Training: Train 10+ defenders as many times as needed, in-person or remotely
    • Individual Training Trainers: Train top cyber defenders to be “trainers” to scale up to 100+ people in-person or remotely
  • Customizable Content: Challenges customized to your specific environment
  • Customizable Training: Expert-led onsite training
  • Customizable Infrastructure: Cyber range component development customized to exercise attacker simulations

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